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"THE 12 SLAYS OF KRAMPUS" is Coming Soon

He's the Anti-Claus - A forgotten Christmas legend ignored by western culture because he was deemed inappropriate for children who wanted to enjoy a merry Christmas featuring that jolly old elf, Santa Claus. But he is still alive and kicking in countries like Germany and Austria.

He's KRAMPUS - the Christmas devil who, according to legend, was the one who punishes the children on Santa's naughty list - he's the reason the jolly one always kept 2 lists. And he's the theme of my new collection of short stories, THE 12 SLAYS OF KRAMPUS: A Dozen Tales of Holiday Horror.

It's a shame our society decided to exclude Krampus from the yule tide festivities. I mean, come on... if those little brats visiting Santa at the mall were given to choice to be nice and get presents or expect a visit from this scary son of a bitch, I'm pretty sure there'd be lot's more chores being done around the house and less fighting among siblings.

Watch for The 12 Slays of Krampus... Coming Soon.

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