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My New Book, "ADRIFT"

I'm setting aside "Mind Shadows", my latest collection of horror stories, to concentrate on my next book, "Adrift", a story of survival and suspense set during World War 2.

At the height of the second World War, the Nazis were notorious for their merciless naval assaults in the Atlantic. In an attempt to level the playing field, U.S. and British forces put together a top secret project to build a submarine base on a giant glacier in the north Atlantic from which to launch a counter offensive against Germany’s navy. Soon enough, a 12-man team of civilian scientists and military personnel is airdropped onto the glacier on a 15-day mission to test its integrity and load bearing ability.

Five days into the mission, one of the tests involving a series of small explosive charges causes a massive and violent avalanche. Moments later, Mike West, the team’s lead geologist, finds himself in the belly of a mountain of snow and ice with a broken nose and a dislocated shoulder.

After digging his way out, he spends the first day searching for survivors and discovers that he may be the only one to have walked away from the deadly avalanche.

On the second day, while continuing his search for survivors and trying to salvage equipment, he discovers something even more unsettling than being the sole survivor… he’s drifting in the open waters of the north Atlantic on a giant iceberg.

With ten days before a British extraction team finds out what has happened, and with no way to communicate with the outside world, Mike finds himself at the mercy of the elements as the ocean currents carry him through the Nazi infested waters of the frigid North Atlantic.

I hope to have this book done by Christmas. And, yes, I am considering publishing it as J. Brian, but that is still up in the air. I'll decide for sure once I'm done and determine the tone of the story.

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