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Yesterday marked the 2nd time I've had the pleasure of rolling out a new book at a convention. In August, it was "Brain Matter". In October, just in time for Halloween, it was "The Dead Reckoning".

I worked my ass off feverishly for several weeks, editing and writing and editing and writing, again and again. Uploading manuscript after manuscript until I was finally satisfied with what I was printing. All in hopes of getting them in time for the show. Then, when I ordered my copies, the estimated delivery date was a week after the convention would have ended. AND THEN... they arrived 3 days before the con! Very exciting.

Surprisingly, we sold out of every copy (there were a lot more than what you see in the pic) and, hopefully, gained a new group of fans. I even had people coming up and buying both books who said they had heard about "Brain Matter" and were happy to see me there with a new book, too.

Looking forward to the next convention!

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