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The latest book from Clive Carpenter, a western with a twist of horror, is now available in print from Amazon.

A tale of revenge set in 1880's Louisiana, The Dead Reckoning is a gritty western with a taste of horror as a gang of murderous outlaws slaughters a peaceful village of Choctaw Indians and is pursued by Chess Jamison, a bounty hunter determined to bring their leader, Seth Granger, to justice. But, Chess soon discovers he's not the only one who's picked up their trail as each member of the gang is hunted by the very Indians they murdered, brought back from the dead and on a mission... retrieve the scalps of their killers. Will Chess get to Granger in time to get his bounty or will the long arm of ancient tribal justice get to him first?

Though, there is currently both a comic series and a 300 page novel called "Dead Reckoning" (both totally unrelated to each other) that feature cowboys battling zombies, the story of "The Dead Reckoning" was created in 2006, when it was written as a short film of the same title by screenwriter J. Brian. That short film script is now a feature film screenplay slated for production with Scorpios Media and Transcendent Pictures.

J. wanted to create a zombie story that featured the creatures in a different time and without the typical backstory of how they came to be such as chemical fallout, virus or meteor. The best way, and really, the most realistic way, to do it in the old west was to use black magic or an ancient curse. Once he figured out the most original way to create his zombies, J. set out to create one more way his zombies would be different than the others that saturate the horror genre... the zombies in "The Dead Reckoning" don't attack just anyone and they don't eat their prey. They exist for one purpose - revenge.

And there's no convoluted explaination as to why they walk (or in this case, leap and run like a deadly pack of wolves) involving some goofy meteor story or an inexplicable virus... these zombies are Native American Indians reanimated using an ancient curse, thought to be lost generations before, to avenge the slaugter of their very own village.

These zombies don't want flesh or brraaaiiinnns - they want scalps! And they will not rest until they get every last one from the 12 outlaws who murdered them and their loved ones. And there isn't a damned thing on this earth that will stop them... not even a bullet to the head.

So, if you enjoy westerns or zombies - or both - you'll enjoy "THE DEAD RECKONING"!

Get your copy on Amazon or Kindle.

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